No hexes and spells

Don’t ask us to hex your ex, make you a love spell, meet you in the astral plane for a mind meld, share our secret eye-of-newt recipes, banish your bogeyman, divine your destiny, or have sex magick with you. We are so not interested in this that we won’t even answer your emails on this topic.


Magick for us comes from the heart, and we use it only in a positive way — in harmony with our spiritual journey and surroundings. We firmly believe that a person must make his or her own magick (as well as create his or her own spiritual reality) for it to be effective. We also firmly believe that it is wrong to use coercive magick, on a person or on their behalf. Besides that, we believe that the energy one puts out into the universe comes back multi-fold, so we do for our friends and loved-ones only what we would have them do for us.

Now that we’ve explained it, we know that you will honor our request.

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