Recommended Reading

Miss Kat’s School of Genteel Witchcraft

****NOTE*** Fiction is a big part of this list for a reason. It is my belief and observation that the creative part of the brain learns the principles of the Craft faster than the logical. This includes the ethical concepts of the Rede and cause and effect. Plus if I can get you to read what I want you to read and enjoy it I feel you will remember it better. The Craft has No shortcuts. You have to read and you have to study. If you just want a few spells for love, hexing or harming then Wicca is not the path for you.

Also this is a beginning Wiccan’s reading list. As you go along you will find other books which speak to where you are currently on your path. No book list is ever totally complete but is always a work in progress. If you want to know what I’m currently reading feel free to e-mail me.

Required Reading – Textbook For Class

Weinstein, Marion Positive Magic
One of the oldest good Wiccan books, basic and user- friendly just ignore the part on UFOs.

Reed, Ellen Cannon (2000) The Heart of Wicca – Wise Words from a Crone on the Path, York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser
A very good book if a little cranky, which sets down exactly what Wicca is and more importantly what it isn’t. If you are a fluffy bunny type pagan and don’t want your illusions shattered, don’t read. I love this book.

Required Fiction – Read, if possible, during 6 week class period

Kurtz, Katherine (1983) Lammas Night, New York, New York: Ballantine Books
True events of WWII set down in fictional form.

Pratchett, Terry Wryd Sisters, New York, New York: Roc Books
A very funny book from a man who seems to have been spying on my coven.

Recommended Reading – Fiction

Basic Magickal Principles

Pratchett, Terry (1991) Witches Abroad, New York, New York: Roc Books
A continuation of the adventures of the 3 witches in Wyrd Sisters.

Pratchett, Terry (1992) Lords and Ladies, New York, New York: Harper Prism
The witches Vs The ceremonial magicians Vs the Elves.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer ( 198?) Mists of Avalon
Not my favorite book but many women have found the Craft through it.

Use of Psychic Gifts

Bradley, Marion Zimmer: Any of the Darkover series Particularly the book Exile’s Song.

Kurtz, Katherine & Harris, Deborah Turner: The Adept series

McCaffrey, Anne: Any of the Damia or Pegasus series

Magickal Living

Le Guin, Ursula ( 1985) Always Coming Home, New York, New York: Bantam Spectra
The best after- the apocalypse book.

Starhawk, (199?) The Fifth Sacred Thing
Not for any dedicated Sci-fi reader, If you’re not, you’ll probably think its a good book. The same themes were handled better by Ursula.

Funny Stuff

Bird, Malcolm (1984) The Witch’s Handbook New York, New York: St. Martin’s Press
Allegedly a children’s book, it contains many things witches need to know. Things such a decorating hints, recipes, and how to knit a witch’s hat.

Wiccans In Fiction- Detective Stories

Lackey, Mercedes: The Diane Tregarde series

Edgehill, Rosemary: (1995) Speak Daggers to Her. (1996) The Book of Moons (1997) The Bowl of Night
Pretty funny if you know any of the New York community or have met them at a COG Merry Meet.

Albert, Susan Wittig: The China Bayles series
Not actually Pagan but Wiccans are characters, China is an herbalist and crime fighting partner is spacey New Age.

Bird, Isobel: The Circle of Three series
Excellent young adult fiction that follows the Rede. Only arguable point is the coven that the girls join doesn’t make them get their parents permission but then I suppose there wouldn’t be a story.

Recommended Reading – Non-Fiction

Basic Wicca

Ravenwolf, Silver (1994) To Ride A Silver Broomstick, St. Paul. Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications

Starhawk (1979,1989) Spiral Dance, San Francisco, California: Harper & Row
The book that started most Dianics off even though it was written by someone in the Faerie Tradition.

Cunningham, Scott (1988) Wicca – a Guide to the Solitary Practitioner, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewellyn
A great first introduction to the Craft that is totally practical and usable from day one. If you can’t find a teacher this is the one to choose.

Farrar, Stewart (1983) What Witches Do, Custer, Washington: Phoenix Publishing
How to’s from the Gardnerians.

Valiente, Doreen (1973) An ABC of Witchcraft, Custer, Washington: Phoenix Publishing
Basic Craft book set out in dictionary form.

Starhawk, Diane Baker and Anne Hill (1998) Circle Around – Raising Children in Goddess Traditions, New York, New York: Bantam Books
This is a great book for a beginning coven or kids. Its got a lot of fun activities, stories and chants which can speak to whatever age you are. It reminds us that when we were kids magick was always there. Has an accompanying CD which you can buy to learn chants called Circle Round.

Budapest, Zsuzsanna (1980,1989) The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, Berkeley, California: Wingbow Press
Dianic handbook that is not particularly friendly to men. Beware! Does not follow the Rede. Z has mellowed as she updates these. Not as anti male as they were originally.

Mountainwater, Shekhinah (1991) Ariadne’s Thread Freedom,California: Crossing Press
A less rabid but good Dianic text.

A Little More Advanced But of Interest

Wolfe, Amber (1988) In the Shadow of the Shaman St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn
A good mix of shamanism and Wicca from a practical not Metaphysical viewpoint.

Telesco, Patricia (1993) The Urban Pagan St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn
Practical hints for living a magickal life in an sub/urban setting.

Renee, Janine, Playful Magic, St. Paul, Minnesota, Llewelyn Publishing
How to keep a childlike view of magic while being an Adult, – What’s the point if its not fun?

Conway, D.J. , By Oak, Ash & Thorn – Modern Celtic Shamanism, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn
A good beginning to Celtic wicca without exaggerated claims of hereditary passing down.

Craft History

Adler, Margot (1979,1986) Drawing Down the Moon, Boston, Massachusetts: Beacon Press
A comprehensive history of the modern version of the Craft.

Divination Systems

Greer, Mary K. Tarot for Your Self, North Hollywood, California: Newcastle Publishing
One of the best beginning books on the Tarot.

Greer, Mary K. ( 1987) Tarot Constellations, North Hollywood, California: Newcastle
Publishing A more in depth look at some of the principles.

Arrien, Angeles (1987) The Tarot Handbook – Practical Applications of ancient Visual Symbols, Sonoma, California: Arcus Publishing
Angeles was Mary K. Greer’s teacher. It uses the Crowley deck and some of the interpretations are not standard.

Peach, Emily (1984) The Tarot Workbook Wellingborough, Northhamptonshire: Aquarian Press
A British view of the Tarot.

Aswynn, Freya (1988) Leaves of Yggdrasil, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn
The best basic book of runes there is.

Thorsson, Edred, Futhark – The Handbook of Rune Magic, York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser
The next best book.

Thorsson, Edred, The book of Ogham – The Celtic Tree Oracle, St. Paul, Minnesota
The only comprehensive book on the Ogham (pronounced O-am).

Murray, Liz and Colin, The Celtic Tree Oracle- a system of divination, New York, New York: St. Martin’s Press
A system ogham divination using the pictures of trees on cards instead of the original sticks from the trees. Can only be used for big events not for every day use.

Carr-Gomm, Philip and Stephanie, The Druid Animal Oracle, New York, New York: A Fireside Book
A book and set of cards showing the animals of the Celtic world. Fun to work with.

Herbs and Stones and Stuff

Beyerl, Paul, The Master Book of Herbalism, Custer, Washington: Phoenix Publishing
A good solid reference work.

Cunningham, Scott, Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn Publishing
A great book for magical plant uses.

Cunningham, Scott, Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystals, Gem & Metal Magic, St. Paul Minnesota: Llewelyn Publishing

Smith, Steven R. Wylundt’s Book of Incense, York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser Inc.
A good primer for making magical incenses.

Cunningham, Scott, The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews, St. Paul, Minnesota, Llewelyn Publishing
Well researched and easy to use.

Cunningham, Scott, Harrington, David, The Magical Household- Empower Your Home with Love, Protection, Health & Happiness, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn Publishing

Calendars / The Wheel of the Year

Campanelli, Pauline, Ancient Ways – Reclaiming Pagan Traditions, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn Publishing
Folk customs for the eight Sabbats.

Campanelli, Pauline, Wheel of the Year – Living the Magical Life, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn
Folk customs for every month and for the holidays.

Cabot, Laurie, Celebrate the Earth – A Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition, New York, New York: Delta Publishing

Green, Marion, A Calendar of Festivals – Traditional Celebrations, Songs, Seasonal Recipes & Things to Make, Shaftesbury, Dorset: Element British traditions.

Budapest, Zsuzsanna E. The Grandmother of Time – A Women’s Book of Celebration, Spells, and Sacred Objects for Every Month of the Year, San Francisco: Harper and Row

Budapest, Zsuzsanna E. Grandmother Moon – Lunar Magic- Spells, Rituals, Goddesses, Legends & Emotions under the Moon, San Francisco: Harper & Row

Spellcasting and Ritual

Roman, Sanaya & Packer, Duane, Creating Money – Keys to Abundance, Tiburon, California: H J Kranmer Inc.
Even though it says it is about money it is actually one of the best guides on doing spells for anything I’ve ever read. It also works pretty well.

Cunningham, Scott & Harrington David, Spell Crafts – Creating Magical Objects, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewleyn Publishing
A continuation of the Magical Household but concentrating on spells with physical components.

RavenWolf, Silver To Stir a Magick Cauldron – a Witch’s Guide to Casting and Conjuring, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn Publishing
Good and practical.

Klein, Tzipora, Celebrating Life – Rites of Passage for All Ages, Oak Park, Illinois: Delphi Press Inc.
Rituals for the important times in life: Birth, Puberty, Handfastings and others.

Deity References

New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology – Introduction by Robert Graves, London, United Kingdom: Prometheus Press
The best reference available for deities and myths from around the world.

Monaghan, Patricia, The Book of Goddesses & Heroines, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn Publishing
An easily accessible fairly accurate work on the distaff side deity.

Walker, Barbara, The Encyclopedia Of Myths and Secrets, San Francisco, California: Harper & Row
A reference that has lots of good material interspersed with some highly inaccurate material, especially the Celtic sections.

Miscellaneous Works of Interest

Fortune, Dion, Psychic Self – Defense, Welingborough, Northamptonshire: The Aquarian Press
An excellent reference.

Denning, Melita & Philips, Osborne, Psychic Self- Defense & Well- Being, St. Paul, Minnesota: Llewelyn Publishing.
Another excellent reference, its also easier to wade through.