Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie birthed itself on Candelmas, 1986, as a natural culmination of studying Wicca and Goddess literature since late 1984. Part of the coven’s name comes from a lovely view of one of the mountains to the north of where some of them used to live in Sierra Madre, and it was only logical that the Mother Mountain be part of their name. A few of them had studied “formally”, that is, had actually studied with a “real” coven, or had attended some of the early feminist wicca rituals back in the late 70’s. But for the most part, they were eager neophytes and independent women, and were strongly drawn to the idea of a coven of consensus, sharing, and mutual learning. A collective effort of each of its priestesses, Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie follows an eclectic spiritual path with a focus on woman-energy, goddess archetypes, and the maid-mother-crone cycle, creating their own mythology and traditions where needed as they walk and weave their convoluted paths. Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie tries to find a way to make the goddess relevant to their lives here and now as modern day suburban witches, through art, music, poetry, or other symbolism and metaphor, and is committed to sharing positive magic, affirming the goddess within, celebrating the seasons of the earth, and enjoying one another’s energy.

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