The High Priestess

Ha! Fooled you!. Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie does not have a High Priestess. We take turns as priestess-teams in facilitating our seasonal celebrations. Although some of us have favorite seasons, or a particular priestess-team is well suited for facilitating a particular celebration, we try to challenge ourselves by alternating priestess-partners and seasons. By doing so, every ritual has a different flavor, sometimes familiar, sometimes exotic, sometimes spicy or bland, but hopefully, always with substance and satisfaction.

And the Priestesses Are:

Barbie Dream Weaver
Barbie is a new age agnostic who believes that the divine can be found anywhere she looks. She enjoys expressing her goddess through music composition, art, energy channeling, and lascivious observations, and has a penchance for the tarot, herb gardening, computers, figuring out what makes people tick, and dreaming. Barbie earns her living as a chemist and considers herself a total and irrefutable science geek. One of the founding priestesses of COMMA, Barbie is also the coven webweaver. Contact Barbie.

Brigid Silverwolf
Brigid Silverwolf, like many COMMA members, is a scientist by profession. She is also a lesbian, a volunteer in animal rescue, and a Tellington-touch practitioner. She enjoys a good sheepdog trial, a good workout, or a good book (especially about ancient history or life in the Universe). One of the founding priestesses of the coven, Brigid Silverwolf’s spiritual inclinations have a definite Nature flavor. She loves all her animals, but considers a Border Collie named Boudicca to be a special familiar.

A reform hippie, Chaser-of-Storms is a writer, spinner, knitter, and karate woman who lives the hills of Northern California’s wine country.


Author of Miss Kat’s School for Genteel Witches, and one of the founding priestesses of COMMA, Kat knows more about witchcraft than all of us put together. Kat enjoys studying Druidry, Wicca, Faerie lore and anything else she is currently curious about. Gardener, craftsperson, lesbian, teacher, and wise-acre, Kat enjoys writing silly stories, making her friends surprises, and bursting over-inflated egos. An ordained minister, Kat is also a Priestess of the Iseum of BunniHoTep, a local Fellowship of Isis group. BunniHoTep is a recently rediscovered goddess of Egypt. Kat has a degree as a Naturalist, earns her living in the field of mental health insurance, and teaches Wicca 101 and other classes for the pagan community. Contact Elfkat

Flutterwing Nectar Maven
A poet and cactus/other succulent collector and full time succulent propagator with a local botanical garden, she feels a strong connection to all living things, with a special affinity toward plants, animals and …rocks! She loves to laugh, to play, and to love. She is a lesbian striving to never stop growing, while never growing up. The loves of her life are her amazing and beautiful Life Partner,her two dogs, three cats,2000+ succulents, and Earth’s wild places. Blessed Be!

Kroma Hope Aguas
Kroma Hope Aguas is a talented visual artist who enjoys motorcycles and searching for antiques. Currently a graphic arts student, she earns her living in security operations.

Sonrisa de la Luna – La Hija de Kaltes
(Moonsmile – Daughter of Kaltes)

Moonsmile enjoys singing, learning the tarot, caring for her aging and sick (yet spunky) kitties and riding her bike many, many miles. She is a longtime friend of Bill Wilson’s and believes the realm of the spiritual is “broad, roomy and all inclusive. ” Seeing and seeking the Goddess in everything is a daily practice for her. Her Goddess centered approach to life, experience with the twelve steps and training as a massage therapist combine to make Moonsmile a healer of mind, body and spirit.

Rose Lightstone

A rabbinical punster with a big picture view of the world and its workings, Rose Lightstone brings a sense of the profound to COMMA with her strangely twisted neural networks. She is a coupon queen, sports fan, lesbian/gay rights activist, and gourmet cook, who earns her living as a research scientist studying the development of the immune system. She is one of the founding priestesses of COMMA.

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