For Men

Alas, men!

Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie is a spiritual space for women only. This is how we as a group choose to celebrate our spiritual paths together, and has nothing to do with how we as individuals relate to men in our lives or the pagan community.

Some of us love you to pieces, and some of us are indifferent. None of us hate you. All of us agree that men, too, would enjoy the nature spirituality path. We hope that you find what you seek. And to paraphrase the Charge of the Goddess, if you don’t find what you seek, look within, and create it yourselves!

Meanwhile here are some local groups that we know of that have seasonal celebrations for you to participate in.

Temple of Isis – Los Angeles, search on Pasadena area Wicca

Perhaps you will find groups for men specifically during your wanderings. When you do, drop an email to the COMMA webweaver, and she’ll add it to this resource list.

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